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Business Litigation

Running a business can come with many legal challenges. Our firm understands legal conflicts pertaining to business owners, partners, employees and employers, startups, contracts and other business matters can be very complex.

In business, inevitably, conflicts arise. Business disputes can involve issues such as:

Breach of Contract

Contracts are created between two or more parties to follow specific rules and agreements. When one of the signatories of the contract deviates from the agreement, that is a breach of contract. This breach entails the other signatories to hold the party who failed to perform accountably.

Unjust Enrichment

Unjust enrichment is a situation wherein one party receives a benefit from another party’s expense in a way that the law considers unfair. It can either happen accidentally or in error, but which has not been earned, and ethically should not be kept. Examples of unjust enrichment are typically found in breach of contract lawsuits.

Conversion and Civil Theft

Conversion and civil theft are legal claims that can be brought in a civil lawsuit. These claims are generally brought against a party that takes or refuses to return personal property.

  • Theft is a crime. Most people know that. What most people don’t know is that there can also be a civil suit for theft, and that theft in the civil courts doesn’t always require that a crime be committed. As long as there is an intent to deprive someone else of property, there can be civil theft.
  • Conversion is a tort that occurs when a party “willfully interferes with the personal property of another without lawful jurisdiction, depriving the lawful possessors of use and possession.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A fiduciary duty is a duty or responsibility to act in the best interest of someone else. A breach of fiduciary duty happens when a fiduciary fails to uphold their duties and responsibilities and doesn’t act in the beneficiary’s best interest.

Corporate Dissolution

A corporate dissolution is the process that, quite literally, ends the legal existence of a corporation. As a legal structure, corporations have the benefit of perpetual existence. This means that corporations could live forever, unless some action takes place that causes their dissolution.

Derivative Actions

A derivative action is a type of lawsuit in which the corporation asserts a wrong against the corporation and seeks damages.

We know how quickly a simple disagreement can evolve into a complicated matter that requires litigation. Professional expertise in business matters combined with skilled representation can help businesses overcome these challenges. With a reliable team like the Dibert Law Group, you can get back to focusing on your business’s success while we handle the legal matters.

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